Properly working water pressure is something you tend to not think about. The moment your toilet stops draining, or your shower barely lets out a sprinkle however, your water pressure quickly becomes the only thing on your mind. If your water pressure is constantly low and you’ve already tried cleaning your shower head, replacing your aerator, and opening your water valves, it can be a sign that there is a more serious problem going on. It is important to immediately call a specialist before larger issues ensue.

Three Reasons to Call a Specialist For Low Water Pressure:

  • Clogged Water Pipes: A common cause of low water pressure are clogs, particularly in older galvanized pipes. Minerals from water begin to build up over time and cause blockages in the pipe. Grease, rust and dirt also put your pipes at risk. Attempting to clear blocks with chemical drain cleaners will only lead to more issues in the long run, so calling in a professional is necessary to clear out the blocks before it leads to a crack, leak or burst pipe.  
  • Corroding Pipes: For pipes in older homes, corroding is a common cause to many negative plumbing issues. Corrosion in pipes prevents water from flowing freeing, causing your low water pressure. Low water pressure is only the beginning however, as pipe corrosion can also contaminate the water, collapse a pipe and cause severe leakage.
  • Leaks: If your water bill is suddenly extremely high, you notice stains on your wall or pools of water near your cabinets, you may have a leak. A leak can result from a number of underlying causes, but if left unfixed can produce a multitude of future damage aside from your low water pressure.

Why Call Environmental Pipe Cleaning For Your Low Water Pressure:

  • Innovative Solutions:  At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, we offer today’s top trenchless technologies for solving your clogs, corrosion and leaks. From hydro jetting drain cleaning, which uses high-pressurized blasts of water to clear out clogs, to CIPP Lining, a method of pipe repair which creates a new pipe inside the existing pipe, our team of experts is experienced in providing solutions that eliminate the need to dig.
  • More Affordable: Without large crews digging up your yard to replace broken pipes, Environmental Pipe Cleaning solutions saves you time and money.

24/7 Emergency Service: Our team of experts knows that plumbing problems don’t just occur from 9 to 5. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency support to be there when you need us most.