At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, we make it a priority to help you stay up-to-date when it comes to taking care of your plumbing system. One of the most common causes of pipe problems is tree root invasion. While trees add to your landscape, shade areas of your property, create a barrier around your property, and more, their roots can expand twice the size of their system. This allows tree roots to grow directly through and around your plumbing system causing problems that disrupt your daily activities.

Trees do not need to be completely removed to protect your plumbing system from tree root intrusion, but there are several reasons they are damaging to your sewer and drain pipes.

They Ruin the Structural Integrity of Your Pipes

Generally, tree roots will grow towards your pipes because they detect moisture coming from the pipe. This moisture could come from a small pinhole leak or a frozen pipe melting and producing moisture. When this happens, the tree root will break through your pipes and ruin the structural integrity of your pipeline.

They Impede Pipe Flow

Proper pipe flow allows clean water to flow into your home and waste to safely flow away from your property. When tree roots invade your pipes, they will impede the flow of your pipes and create a barrier that prevents this from occurring.

They Damage Your System Overtime

It is amazing how long and strong trees roots actually grow. If left unchecked tree roots can grow into the pipes, then can grow directly into the foundation of the home. Tree root invasion can be difficult to detect because your pipes are underground in addition to the time it takes for tree roots to grow and cause problems.

Prevent Tree Roots from Invading Your Plumbing System Today

At Environmental Pipe, we are here to help. The number one way to stay on top of tree root invasion is to schedule regular pipe inspection and drain cleaning services. Our inspections will allow you and our team to have a clear view of the interior of your pipes, safely removing tree roots or preventing tree roots from invading your pipes in the future. We have trained and specialized technicians who are able to review and resolve the problem through our modern Trenchless technology.